the-actual-armin asked: December

december - random fact about me

as much as i like being in my room i actually prefer being outside like in a park or something

theshortycorporal asked: march, april, may, june, august, november and december ¬ u ¬

i already did march, may and november B)

april - favorite hair colour & favorite eye colour

i rlly like red/ginger hair and brown eyes

august - crush names

lmao they have a tumblr so im not gonna say names

december - random fact about me 

chocolate milk gives me energy 

terezi-milk asked: November

November - if i changed my name, what would it be

rosalina or lily

Anonymous asked: march & may

March - favorite color


May - favorite manga & favorite anime

manga either loveless or tsubasa reservoir chronicle as for anime it rlly isnt popular at all ??? but its called croisee in a foreign labyrinth

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